FUGU suspension and Bucket seat

Let us introduce the new FUGU suspension seats. Maybe the worlds most compact suspension seat with a travel of 150mm and easy height adjustment of 50mm. The bucket seat has a flip front and a swivel as an option.

We believe this is one of the most comfortable seats in a high speed boat ever built.

Introducing a new way of marine suspension

Marine seats have been of huge interest for us at FUGU for years. We have always used Ullman seats in our boats. The Ullman Bulldog seats in the FUGU are the best Jockey seats ever made and a perfect fit for the FUGU 29 and 30 PRO.

With the introduction of the FUGU 30 Speedster we needed something else. A compact bucket seat that is height adjustable that offer the driver and passengers the perfect ergonomics no matter if they are tall och short, heavy  or light.

As we could not find anything that matched our specific demands we decided to develop our own suspension seats. The development have been made with Öhlins Racing, the world leader in suspension. Prototypes for first boat equipped with these seats will be finished by May 1st of 2023.

Some specs we can share as of today:
Height adjustment of 50mm
A suspension travel in both high and low position of 150mm
Progressive moment/compression.
Seat movement in direction of the G-force - slightly forward and down


The seats are milled from solid blocks of aluminium and constructed with almost no visible screws.

Height adjustment in 3 steps by pulling a switch on each side of the suspension seat. A compact swivel is an option.
The compact POD complements the light but sturdy design of the suspension seats and boat.

Comfort and safety

THE FUGU suspension seats are made to deliver both comfort and safety.
They are adjustable to fit any driver and passenger in both seat height and suspension stiffness. With the rightly adjusted seat we believe they will deliver an amazing boating experience.

For the hard offshore boaters we recommend the FUGU 29. The half standing position and Ullman Bulldog for FUGU seats are unbeatable for that kind of boating.


The FUGU seat suspension have a vertical travel of 150mm.
Every suspension should move precisely opposite way of the force it tries to eliminate. In a boat, this means slightly forward and down. This is the most efficient way to mitigate the G-forces and will also increase the comfort for the boaters.

If the body moves forward and down and the seat move in any other direction you risk loosing grip and support from the seat. With the FUGU suspension this will never happen.

Height adjustability

The FUGU suspension is easily height adjustable in 3 steps (+25mm and +50mm). We believe that the right ergonomic seating in a boat like the FUGU is that the eyes should look slightly above the wind shield. The hight adjustable suspension helps all on board to find the perfect ergonomics.