FUGU 30 Pro

The first FUGU built for the professional market.

Custom built, each FUGU 30 Pro is made to each of our customers individual specifications. The new FUGU 30 Pro being based on the award-winning hull from the FUGU 29 is more rigid and sturdy in every detail. Built to last and serve its purpose over time year after year.

Introducing a new era of boating

With FUGU 29 you can cruise at a speed of 40 knots with a fuel consumption of 1 l/nm. That is half the fuel consumption of many boats fitted with twin outboards. You can reach the most remote parts of the archipelago outside Stockholm, cross open seas and visit new areas with less effort and without having to worry about the fuel costs and having caused an outrageous environmental footprint.

Over the last couple of years, the trend has been to use more outboard engines. It can certainly look cool, but we don’t follow this trend. An inboard engine has many benefits: Significantly lower noice level, lower center of gravity, a more spacious sunbed area, a real bathing platform and lower insurance cost are just some of the advantages.

But maybe more importantly is the huge difference in the environmental footprint. Did you know that every inboard engine has a catalytic converter while no outboard engine of today has? This means that a single outboard engine have approximately 700% higher CO2 emissions and 1300% higher HC+NOx emissions.

Build to last

FUGU 30 Pro is light and efficient due to a Petestep hull and vacuum reinforced sandwich construction. No short cuts are taken to make the 30 PRO a real workhorse. Advanced manufacturing techniques such as: a high density core, vinylester throughout the boat, structural grid lamination and heavy duty grip foam instead of EVA are just some of the ways we make the 30 PRO a quality machine

For your safety

Professional grade suspension seats from Ullman dynamics keps you safe in any sea. To keep you safe in your seats we have a 40mm grab rail all around the boat. Other safety features are a radar plattform and FUGU automatic inflation system. FUGU 30 Pro have been designed using the best and most precise tools on the market. Direct engineering calculation and FEM (Finite Element Method) with CATIA V5FEA and CATIA V5. The same tools are often used in the aerospace and car industry.

Custom built

We know that the needs of the professional users are different and therefore we build each FUGU 30 Pro to our customers specifications. Propulsion can be single inboard or up to two outboards.  Contact FUGU Powerboats to discuss your needs!
A world class hull
With FUGU 29 we have a world premier of a new and advanced stepped hull which have been developed during the last 5 years by Petestep. Over 300 prototypes have been built during the development phase and all data have been gathered and analyzed to produce the best hull possible.

The hull have two steps and deflectors instead of traditional spray rails. The deflectors redirect the spray water backwards and pushes the boat forward. This results in less fuel consumption, less noice and a softer journey. Another positive effect is that the boat goes straighter in both low and high speeds. With the single propeller option this means no more drawling in low speeds.
You will for sure get home fast
But sometimes you just want to stay
Mercruiser 6.2L V8 (350HP)
Mercruiser 8.2L V8 (430HP)
Bravo 1 or 3
Bravo 1 or 3
Fuel capacity
Cruise speed
Fuel Consumption
1.1L / NM @ 40kn
1.3L / NM @ 40kn
Theoratical range
318 NM (588 km)
269 NM (498 km)
9.16m (30ft)
9.16m (30ft)
Max beam
2.76m (9ft)
2.76 (9ft)
Draught @ DWL
0.55m (1.82ft)
0.55m (1.82ft)
Transom deadrise
Max Displacement
2804kg (6182lbs)
2874kg (6336lbs)
Half displacement
2407kg (5306lbs)
2477kg (5461lbs)
Light displacement
1928kg (4251lbs)
1970kg (4343lbs)
Tube volume
Tube chambers
Reserve buoyancy
8 (max)
8 (max)
CE - Cat.B
CE - Cat.B