Our story

We, the founders of FUGU, just love boats and the sea. But more importantly we share the same mindset. We can barely test a product or a service without asking ourselves: could this be done in a better way?

This mindset have been a cornerstone in our way of working together since 2005. Back then boating was just a hobby for us and together we have tested and owned so many boats and reflected over our experiences with every single one of them. It resulted in a dream of one day starting our own shipyard.

One founding during these years were that the hull technology most shipyards use rely on old traditions and concepts. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing, boats are made for a lot of different purposes. Rock solid and reliable design from boat designers Ray Hunt and Don Aronow back in the 60`s and 70`s, are more or less still the concept today. A design often made with heavy constructions of solid laminates. These constructions might give you a soft ride but the weight and resistance means that you need huge engines, often two in a boat of the same size as FUGU. A downside is of course ridiculous high fuel consumption, increased insurance- and service- costs. Another finding was that people want to buy a boat they are familiar with. This may result in lack of speed when it comes to innovations and bringing new ideas forward.

Today we know that there are new ways of producing efficient hulls and boats with stronger and lighter constructions. At FUGU we bring innovations to the sea with comfort, design and costs as key elements. Boatbuilding should be done with innovations resulting in high comfort, less fuel consumption, less owning costs and accordingly, less environmental footprint.

In 2016 we met the founder of Petestep and loved their innovative hull. We understood the possibilities with their idea. We parented up with them, the best boat designers and construction partners and FUGU 29 is the first result of our teamwork. Today we are proud to show the result and hope you will love it as much as we do.

By the way, the brand FUGU comes from the butter fish “Fugu” - a delicacy in Japan. The restaurant preparation of the fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs qualifying after years of rigorous training are allowed to prepare the fish. Bad preparation can lead to death as the fish is highly poisonous. As the chefs, FUGU will only serve you the best!

Today we are here launching FUGU 29. With joy, confidence and love.

Mattias Wiklund Hedenfalk

Owner and founder
Mattias has a long background in the IT Business. He was partner and Vice CEO at DGC Between 2005 and 2017. Entrepreneur who love challenging old ideas.

David Giertz

Owner and founder
David founded his first company in the IT-business at the age of 15. 2006 he made his first IPO and in 2017 he sold his company DGC ONE AB to EQT. A true entrepreneur massive technical interest.

The devlopment team

Mattias Wiklund Hedenfalk - Design
Christian Wallgren - Design
Sasha - Construction and design
BYD Group - Calculation and FEM
Jonas Danielsson - Hull
Niclas Johanson - Production
Lars Erik Silverhelm - Production
Kent Lindqvist - Production
Zakarias Hedenfalk - Web